Summer Fun Club


Summer Fun Club

Rabbit Creek Community Association offers a full day summer program children ages 5-12 years old. Children have the opportunity to go on at least 2 off campus field trips per week. They also play outside, in the gym, do craft, cooking and science activities.

We aim to create a safe, fun, and positive environment for children. We encourage them to try new things and we expose them to interesting careers through our Monday Speakers program. Recent speakers have included Magicians, Dental hygienists, Zoologists, and Entomologists. 

Rabbit Creek Community Association deeply believes in the adage, "There is no bad weather, just bad gear." Having time outside to play is very important to us and we do not let the Alaskan weather trends keep us inside. If we are planning on going to the park, we go even if its raining. If we are planning on walking to the bus stop over spring break to go swimming and it SNOWS, we still go. 

Children who are going into grades K-4 go on 2 field trips per week. This includes one trip on the People Mover and one on a school bus.

Children going into grades 5-7 go on 4-5 field trips per week. This is a combination of walking, biking, riding on the People Mover and a school bus.

Every Friday the whole program goes on a school bus to a field trip. This might be to a park. or swimming. We also visit the Reindeer Farm and the Wildlife Conservation.  

We are FULL for our 2017 Summer Session. Check back with us in March 2018 for next summer!